We use state of the art tech at the intersection of AI and finance to achieve qualitative benefits - accurate client scoring and fast decision-making that make our services accessible for a wider range of customers
Digital online lending platform
What makes our scoring system effective
A unique scoring system
estimates nearly 10 000 parameters
of a client within a few seconds
3-dimensional space of behavioral analysis:
date of last purchase/frequency/amount
of money spent.
The features make it possible
to evaluate the client solvency a high accuracy
The company processes more than 1.5 million
applications per year
Machine learning as a base
of behavioral analysis and client scoring
The provision of automated scoring services
to external partners, engaged in lending
features can be assessed by scoring model
week takes the implementation of a new feature
seconds for processing one query, including additional data requests
queries per second can be processed by model itself (without data requests)
Our partners