Lime Credit Group
We develop innovative solutions to make financial services more accessible for everyone
Advanced alternative lending services worldwide
Get to know us
Lime Credit Group is an international fintech holding, operating in Russia, Mexico, and South Africa. Using in-house technologies, we help underbanked people with limited access to traditional financial services.
South Africa
Key stages of our story
Our journey has just begun
Internal growth and product development on the current markets
New scalable Loan Management System is created
Launch in Mexico
Start issuing installment loans in Russia
Launch in South Africa
Launch in Poland
Lime digital lending platform launch
The foundation of the company
€40M consumer loans issued in total
More than €27M installment loans issued since then.
Move from outsourced IT team to the in-house development of the platform.
Software development started
Bonds issuance in Russia. Intensive growth of the loan portfolio
Product overview
The in-house scoring system allows us to estimate nearly 10 000 parameters of the client profile within a few seconds.
The independent expertise in the assessing the borrower's solvency, using ML algorithms in the behavioral analysis, provides Lime's customers products that suit them best.
We have developed a unique model for determining the probability of success of judicial debt recovery.
We conduct a high-tech behavioral analysis of the clients to accurately assess their solvency.
We can effectively estimate each borrower's solvency even with incomplete information due to the special capabilities of our scoring model and our selection of relevant data sources.
In each operating geography, offered products are adapted to fit local market preferences and regulatory requirements.