Lime Credit Group
We show stable growth due to many factors: the use of new technologies, established processes, high-quality risk management, expansion into the new regions. The launch of our product in a new country takes less than 6 months.
Key figures
Revenue 2019
CAGR revenue 2017-2019
New users growth rate quarterly
Loans issued
Credit Rating
The revenue has increased almost 4 times in last three years. The average annual compound growth rate is more than 20%.
€9,3 m
€22,8 m
€40,3 m
Investment Partners
Lime loans are available for investment through these P2P partners.
Like no one else, we know all pitfalls of building business from scratch, so we are ready to share our experience.
Professional talk
Hire the best professionals in your field, even if it is too expensive. Trying to save money on professionals, the manager misses the vector of development and, as a result, faces sad consequences.
Alexey Nefedov
Co-Founder and CEO
Team is the first priority. Reaching a great goal is impossible without a strong team, on which you can rely. The vital things for good team performance are a clearly set goal, motivation, and some freedom in decision-making.
Olesya Bobkova
Managing Director, Russia
Unite the best international practices in your business. If you are entering the international market, it is essential to build the bridge of trust with your colleagues from other countries. Test new practices in one country and distribute the best ones to others.
Kevin Hurley