Financial Security Tips. Conclusion

Greetings to All,

Today I bring you the last part of Lime’s series on mastering the art of being online smart. But please don’t despair!!! I’ll keep you in the loop as I come across online scams which could give you more than just a little scare.

To master the art of being online smart remains a never-ending quest . . . a real battle against those online scammer pests.

So, until next time, be safe online.

Love and light, From Lenny and Lime

Master the Art to be Online-Smart Part 8

It’s not a town or a city to be found on a map, yet it’s easy to get there, with the click of an app. The worldwide web offers everything you need, but beware the scammers, they are cunning and full of greed.

Your personal info is what they want to loot, and you must learn how to spot them and to give them the boot. They lie and they cheat, with their offers sounding “oh so sweet” – and just one dodgy link can get your money boat to

Whilst each scam has its specific purpose and plan, there’s also an overlap . . . and this is your guide to not fall into a scamster’s nasty trap!!!

Commit the following to heart . . . it will go a long way to help keep you onlinesmart!!!

Scam spotting summary

  • What you are offered or promised sounds too good to be true . . .
  • The offer takes you by surprise . . . the prize relates to a competition you haven’t even entered
  • You’re given very little time in which to respond
  • You’re asked to confirm some of your personal details in order to secure whatever it is they are using as bait
  • The information and instructions reach you via a free email service, such as Hotmail, Aim, Yahoo or Gmail
  • You are promised large sums of money for very little (or no) effort
  • You’re asked to make a payment before they will “release” the promised money, prize, or service