LIME Russia took part in the Russian Financial Literacy Week

Olesya Kiseleva, Managing Director of LIME Russia, gave a lecture to the first- and second-year students of the Novosibirsk College of Vehicle Maintenance and Road Facilities. The topic of the meeting was credit history. The event was held within the Russian Financial Literacy Week, organized by the Bank of Russia, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and the Novosibirsk Center for Financial Education.

During the lecture, students learned how data on a person's debt obligations are recorded in the credit bureau reports, and why payment discipline is so important for users of financial services today. The second part of the lecture was held in the format of a dialogue with the audience: students asked questions about the nuances of interaction with banks and MFIs and got practical recommendations for checking their credit history

In addition, on April 17, live on Radio 54, Olesya Kiseleva spoke about new ways of financial fraud and shared with listeners tips on how to protect your personal data from lawbreakers and dishonest companies.

Since 2020, Lime-Zaim has been a partner of the Novosibirsk Center for Financial Education. Together with the only regional financial literacy center in the Novosibirsk Region, the company's experts prepare useful educational materials for the resource’s Internet platforms, participate in radio broadcasts on financial education, and also give lectures in educational institutions.