We’re Stronger Together and «United We Shall Stand»

Kick-off will sound the call to come together… one nation, one team and one dream to dominate the world’s rugby scene.

For eighty minutes we’ll be in the Stade de France. Waiting anxiously to storm rugby’s field of dreams. Our Springbok hearts bursting with pride – of course with a «cold one» by our side.

Shops will be deserted, and all the ice will be sold out! Cars parked on sidewalks in the suburbs while households send braai smoke signals across the ocean to «Our Boys».

They’ll know we’re there. Eyes closed, hand on heart, tears streaming down our cheeks belting out «Nkosi Sikelel iAfrika».

From the jam-packed stadium, our call will be answered by countrymen and Springbok fans alike. Bars will burst at the seams and strangers will become your long-lost friends. Even the «real men and women» will hug and cry when our Springboks score another try.

Nails will be bitten, along with biltong and snacks, all while ref get lots of expert advice from all of us.

When Kolisi raises the trophy with Our Boys, cars will take to the streets. Flag out the window, doing victory laps all over town with the sound of hooters to rejoice.

Our blood is green, our hearts are gold.

We’re stronger together, for «united we shall stand . . .»

It’s go time BOKKE . . . for South Africa, OUR LAND!