Attract and retain: how employers can solve the problem of IT staff shortage

Olesya Bobkova, managing director of Lime Credit Group in Russia, describes how to hire
appropriate IT specialists and what candidates of different levels expect from their future job.
The work of IT specialists is highly paid. Moreover, IT staff is difficult to be replaced, so it is important for employers both to attract the right specialist to the team and to maintain their loyalty to the company.
Lime Credit Group research center conducted a study among 150 IT specialists to determine their expectations from work. Based on the results of the study, we can make several recommendations:

Salary is still important motivation
80% of employees noted that if they receive an offer from another company, an increase in their salary can keep them in their current position. Promotion, as well as the opportunity to implement your own project, will be a reason to stay in the company for 30% of employees.

Interesting tasks inspire your team
When we asked IT specialists what they like about their profession, most of the answers were "the job itself", "participation in making products", "engage in company development", some respondents noted communication with professionals as an important factor.
Tasks for the IT team should focus not only on technological support but also on improving the business logic of the product.

Invest in the professional growth of the team
For companies that are interested in attracting highly qualified IT staff the first priority is to develop the professional skills of their employees rather than to expand the social package.
More and more employers are returning to KPIs with monthly payments instead of daily breakfasts, which do not guarantee a stable desire of specialists to develop together with the company.

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