Navigating the January Pinch: Some Ideas for Financial Recovery after Festive Splurges

We all at Lime would like to wish you only the best for 2024!

Wow, we feel your pain… all that nice holiday spending, and now? Does this month of January even have an ending?!

On the bright side, though, not everything is lost. With some fancy finance-footwork, we can slay our money woes like a BOSS!

We quick to criticize ourselves for poor spending decisions. And, whilst it’s most helpful and required to study our spending patterns, it doesn’t help to get caught up in what was, and instead concentrate on looking ahead.

So then, no shame and no blame… «Savvy Spending» is the name of the game.

So, in the countdown to payday in January, there are several things we can do to help see us through.

First up: Scrutinize those recurring expenses, these are usually the culprits leaving us feeling defenseless. Then subscriptions, do you really need them all? It’s time to re- evaluate and make some smart calls. DSTV, Netflix and that gym subscription is a few to consider (only for now, though).

To stretch your budget smartly, get creative with your spending habits. Share rides with friends or carpool to save on fuel – you may even make some new buddies, which could be very cool.

Also keep an eye out for those bulk-type specials. Split the cost and the goods with family or friends.

These are some tips for stretching your money, but how about some plans to make your income grow?

Next time we look to see if hobbies and hustles could help you earn more. So, until then, let’s rock 2024!