LIME Russia confirmed its positions in the top 10 “Expert RA” ranking in terms of the main industry metrics in 2021

According to the “Expert RA” agency data, MFC Lime-Zaim has kept its leading position among all MFIs in the ranking in terms of the collection effectiveness (company’s indicator was 85%*). The company is also in the top 10 representatives of the market in terms of loans originated in 2021 (6.7 billion rubles).

In 2021 the main share (57%) in the structure of loans originated by MFC Lime-Zaim was taken up by the Installments category loans (IL). That being said, the company was placed 7th in the ranking in terms of volume of IL loans originated (3.9 billion rubles), and in terms of volume of PDL loans originated - 12th (2.9 billion rubles)

As of 01.01.2022, the MFC Lime-Zaim microloan portfolio amounted to 2.2 billion rubles, having shown an increase of more than 40% within the past year. The portfolio of PDL loans during this period increased by 23% up to 793 million rubles, while the portfolio of IL loans went up almost 1.5 times, reaching 1,411 million rubles.

Pavel Ognev, the Head of Investor Relation department at Lime-Zaim, commenting on the company’s positions in the MFI ratings for 2021, notes: “In 2021 the company kept the conservative approach to evaluating its risks. Nevertheless, we managed to demonstrate strong growth of our portfolio and total number of originations, to increase our Installments product performance, and most importantly, to maintain high collection rate and operational efficiency”.

*The efficiency of the principal debt collection after three months following the month of originating (measured PDL for H12021), %