Financial Security Tips. Part 7. Online Dating Scam

Greetings Lime family!

Do I have news for you today!? I am knocked for a six . . . In the past, without much success, I’ve given romance a whirl. But now there’s this real sweetie who might just be the right girl!

Since I’m a little shy, I put online dating to the test, and there she was . . . somehow just different from the rest. We’ve been chatting up a storm and now it’s time to meet.

Of course, I’m petrified. What if we don’t hit it off in real life? What if I never find a wife?! . . . Okay, okay, I realise I’m getting ahead of myself, and that I should just chill. I’ll be sure to let you know how the meeting goes.

Since it’s my first shot at online dating, there was a lot of research and contemplating. Should you try to find love online, you should take extra special care, because those pesky fraudsters are even hanging out there . . .

Fingers crossed for my date, I bid you farewell, otherwise I’ll be late!!!

Until next time, it’s love and light,

From Lenny and Lime

Master the Art to be Online-Smart Part 7

Online Dating or “Sweetheart” Scam
A dating or “sweetheart” scam, typically plays on your emotional and compassionate side in order to swindle you out of money

It’s not all Moonshine and Roses
Fraudsters create fake profiles on legitimate dating websites or social media platforms to meet new people. In time, they lure their potential victims into their con.

They are experts at sharing fake personal information to build trust and establish a relationship.

Once you are friends, they ask you to send them money to help them out of a personal crisis or pay their travel expenses to visit you. And of course, once you’ve sent them money, you’ll likely never hear from them again.

Watch out for emails in which:
  • The content seems to have been pasted into the email, with different fonts and font sizes
  • You are greeted not personally, but with something like, “Hi Beautiful”
  • Poor grammar is used


Someone keeps promising to meet you, but always cancels at the last minute

  • Ensure that you meet in a public area and possibly with friends, should you decide to meet someone you’ve been chatting with online
  • Be very careful with how much personal information you share on social networking sites – scammers can use this information to target you

  • Send money to anyone that you are communicating with online

Well done!!! You’ve reached the end of Part 7 . . . Lenny’s back soon with the 8th, and final part, of LIME SA’s Master the Art to be Online-Smart.