PR department of Lime Credit Group is the winner of the major industry competition in the field of communications

The PR department of Lime Credit Group won the nomination "PR Professionalism" in the "Microfinance and Development" professional award. It is the main industry award, recognizing the best journalists in the microfinance industry, and since 2019 the best PR teams.

The main organizer is the self-regulating organization “Union of Microfinance Organizations "Microfinance and Development”. The jury committee consisted of the industry experts – leading financial journalists, representatives of the Central Bank of Russia and other regulatory organizations.

Every year, the expert commission examines more than 9,000 industry journalistic materials, among which the best ones are selected. When nominating the team, the jury evaluates, first of all, the impact of the PR department's activities on the industry image in the media, as well as the uniqueness and originality of the materials.