LIME is ranked top 10 in the RAEX ranking at first half-year end

The major Russian credit rating agency “Expert Ra” published a microfinance market review, describing the main results of the first half-year. In terms of key indicators LIME is ranked in the top 10 companies of the Russian microfinance market, demonstrating growth in a number of ranking positions.

The total portfolio volume amounted to 1927 million rubles (+ 4 ranking positions up). The volume of the loans disbursed is 2819 million rubles (+ 2 positions up) and its annual growth is 125%.

When it comes to the PDL loans, the company ranks 12th in terms of its portfolio (735 million rubles) and 10th in terms of the volume of loans disbursed (1138 million rubles).

LIME steadily demonstrates strong positions in the Installment loans indicators. The volume of disbursed installment loans showed a significant annual increase of 135% and amounted to 1,681 million rubles by the 1st of July, which made it possible to occupy the eighth position in the ranking. The Installments portfolio has grown by 70% to 1,192 million rubles.