Solve Interesting Problems

There is never a shortage of interesting, complex, and meaningful problems to solve at Lime, no matter what department you're in. For example, who is a better credit risk – a single mother in Poland, or a self-employed, 45 year-old, divorced, father of two in Russia? Or, how much credit is the most we can responsibly lend to our good customers in Mexico without adversely affecting their ability to repay?

Work with other smart People

At Lime, we don't just hire smart people. We hire people who want to use their smarts and creativity to have a real impact.

Help people take control of their financial lives

Lime is a business and run for profit, but we also serve communities and populations who are often ignored by traditional banks and who don’t have access to standard credit offerings. These people are ignored by traditional banks because they are viewed as “low profitability profiles” or because their credit histories are “thin folders”. At Lime, with the cost efficiencies brought about by our automated process and our algorithmic scoring models, we can provide credit and other financial services to these under-banked people and help them unlock their purchasing power and improve their lives.

Take Ownership of Your Work

Employees at every level are empowered to own their work from start to finish, helping us be as effective as possible and make a measurable impact on the business. At Lime, we don’t just make you responsible, we give you the authority you need to get the job done right.

Enjoy an Exciting and Fast-Paced place to work

Lime is a fast growing company and the pace of work is commensurate. Lime is a technology-driven lending company, so we make thousands of financially responsible decisions every day. Lime is looking for people who can employ technologies to make those decisions on the fly. It takes intelligence and a calm disposition to do that everyday.

Develop your career

Lime has a long way to go as it works toward its vision of giving people everywhere access to financial options, and you’ll be a part of that journey and have multiple opportunities for advancement and career development. At Lime, you’re not just here to do a job -- you’re part of the Lime team, and you’ll grow with us.