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About Us

Lime Credit Group is a multinational on-line alternative lending platform that employs proprietary technologies for scoring and underwriting consumer loan applications in real time. Lime’s financial products are available to everyone – even those people without credit histories or with limited access to mainstream credit and financial services – because we don’t rely on traditional single-source credit scoring processes used by legacy lenders. Our success helps prove that people are underserved by big banks not because they are not creditworthy, but because the common lending model is stuck in the past. By employing technology and embracing mobility as our clients already have, Lime opens the world of credit to our clients and helps them take control of their financial lives and expand their purchasing power.

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How it Works

Much of life today is digital, and Lime believes that our digital lives present an as good – if not better – history of our financial decisions and tendencies than our physical lives. Of course digital and physical co-exist, but if we had to choose, we’d prefer the digital snap-shot as a basis for decision making. In the digital world, there is no such thing as a data point in isolation; by their nature, each digital data point is connected to hundreds and sometimes thousands of other data points. Working from those connections, Lime have authored their own credit scoring algorithms, which collect and analyze data about credit applications to predict lending outcomes.


Lime is growing so we're always looking for great team members. There is never a shortage of interesting problems to solve at Lime, and we offer all of the important things that you look for from an employer: stability, competitive salaries, health insurance, career development, and other benefits.